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*** Our Target release date for the Battery IO Pre Orders is early Jan as we have submitted it to RED for RED 3rd Party Approval. All components and housings are in. We are waiting on v-mount and gold mount Titon micro battery plates from Anton Bauer which are supposed to ship the 2nd week of Jan***

The MUTINY™ Battery IO for RED KOMODO®️ is an interchangeable battery mount system with a built-in port expander for the RED KOMODO camera. Our Battery IO has a lot of redundancy options built-in and features a built-in, on/off switchable, live LED Voltage meter. We also incorporated an anti-drain battery switch on the bottom of the unit which allows you to keep your battery on the camera when powered down without draining the battery. We are submitting this product next week for RED 3rd Party approval. Our DC input cable option and Genlock/Timecode breakout cable option should be available around launch.

Our products are on the biggest feature films, television shows, and commercials all over the world with customers like Marvel Studios and Panavision to name a few. The best of the best are using MUTINY gear on their shoots.


Gold mount or V-Mount user swappable battery plates (we use genuine Anton Bauer Titon Microplates with dual d-tap connectors. The V-Mount can have the lock on the left or the right or vertically with our optional VAP vertical adapter plate.  Gold mount batteries drop in straight in from the top or can be side loaded with our optional VAP vertical adapter plate. The VAP adapter plate will be free for all pre-orders.

2x Regulated 12V Lemo 2pin power outs (Pin1 Ground, pin 2 is +VDC). They are angled to allow right-angle cables that will not obstruct the screen on top. These are rated at 2A regular and 3A peak on each connector. If needing more than 2A sustained use the D-tap ports

2x Unregulated D-Tap outputs on the battery plate. On V-mount the D-taps are on the top and bottom of the plate. On the Gold mount, they are on the left and right of the plate. Note on V-Mount..the bottom D-Tap may not be available when using SDI cables unless you use the optional VAP plate which mounts v-mounts vertically instead giving access to both d-tap connections. 

Built-in Red color record Button on top (easy to reach record) you can still have other record/trigger options. This is an extra redundancy feature.

CTRL 4 pin port. This is for SmallHD camera control. You can also do camera control via our 9P EXT passthrough option.

Fischer 3 R/S trigger port for camera triggering from our record buttons or third-party record/triggers allowing you to put your trigger where you need it.

5 Pin Timecode/genlock Ambient Recording combo port. This port allows for gunlock and timecode on the same port and we will have an optional BNC Genlock with 5Pin Lemo style timecode breakout Y cable available at the time of delivery.

9pin EXT passthrough port. This allows you to expand and have redundant ports available for even more options. Allows for additional triggers, SmallHD camera control on 9P EXT versus CTRL, Genlock, and timecode beyond what is already built-in.

Built-in live LED battery voltage meter with a dedicated low-profile on/off switch. This meter is also embedded to help prevent and light bleeding forward into the shot.

The Anti-drain battery switch on the bottom of the unit allows you to leave the battery on the camera for days. It is in a discrete location and is recessed to prevent accidental switching. If you keep your camera built for doc work this is a must for ready-to-shoot builds in your case without the need for removing the battery or unplugging cables.

DC IN and IO without a battery. With our optional DC input cable, you can run the Battery IO without a battery. This is perfect for gimbal use or when using the AC to DC adapter. This optional cable will be available slightly after the product release.