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MUTINY NANO and NANO+ RED Approved IO port expanders for KOMODO & V-RAPTOR

MUTINY NANO and NANO+ RED Approved IO port expanders for KOMODO & V-RAPTOR

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The MUTINY NANO and NANO+ are the worlds smallest, lightest and most modular EXT port expanders for RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR. NANO and NANO+ offer interfacing for Timecode (TC), Genlock, R/S camera triggering, and RCP2 Control (SmallHD monitors). Perfect for gimbal ops and anyone who wants to wants to run light and tight on their setup. Our IO unites are hand-assembled and tested in the USA. 

*** Note you will need to also order a 9pin EXT cable unless you have one already. We have them in 6”, 9”, 18” fixed  right angle to straight or our high end adjustable 8 position right angle to right angle cables in 18”, 10” and 6” via this link  *** 

NANO features:

9pin 0B EXT input port 

Fischer 3 R/S trigger port (there is no power on this port)

4pin 00B CTRL RCP2 control (for smallhd etc)

5pin 0B Timecode (TC) and Genlock combo port (Ambient style) 


NANO+ offers all the features of the NANO but adds a 9pin 0B EXT passthrough port.

Both measure 1x1x7/8” (approximately 2.5×2.5×2.2cm) in size. The NANO only weighs 22g/0.8oz, while the NANO+ is slightly “heavier” at 42g/1.5oz.

Optional interchangeable mounting brackets allow NANO and NANO+ to be rotated inside of it. The standard flat mount bracket is included. Optionally we offer a bundle pack that includes the flat mount, BP mounting plate, a 90-degree mounting bracket, and a multi-angle rod mount bracket to easily adapt to all sorts of camera configurations.


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