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Extra plate for Battery IO for Komodo (V-Mount/Gold Mount/DeWalt "MAX" Mount)

Extra plate for Battery IO for Komodo (V-Mount/Gold Mount/DeWalt "MAX" Mount)

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Extra plate for Battery IO

Anton Bauer Titon Micro V-Mount, Gold mount, or MUTINY DeWalt "MAX" Battery plate wired specifically for the MUTINY Battery IO for KOMODO.  If you bought a Battery IO with either a Gold, V-mount or DeWalt "MAX"battery plate and you also need the different plate for shoots or if you a rental house, this is for you!

Gold Mount features 2x D-Taps, one on each side

V-mount features D-Tap on the top and one on the bottom, when mounted horizontally.  

DeWalt "MAX" features a D-Tap on the right side and a 2Pin OB on the left side.  The "MAX" plate is regulated at 12V and has a max current draw of 10A. NOTE: DeWalt MAX battery plate option shows as 12V vs 16.8v on the Battery IO voltage meter when fully charged.  A 15Ah DeWalt MAX/Flex battery is 180 watt hours which is approx 4.8h of KOMODO power.  This is reduced by the number of accessories you use of course. A 5Ah battery is approx 1.6 hours of use.  A 3Ah battery is approx 1 hour. 

Note: the bottom D-Tap may be obstructed when using SDI cables unless used with the optional vertical adapter plate.  


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