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MUTINY™ "V-TAP" Voltage Meter

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The MUTINY™ V-Tap is a D-tap/P-Tap (same thing) voltage meter that fits into your V-mount or Gold/AB of your battery or battery mount d-tap ports. Regardless of if your battery has a battery meter or not, this handy meter will give you live battery status as long as it is plugged in. This is a great option for RED KOMODO®️ and V-RAPTOR™️ users who are using non-approved battery solutions. The voltage meter is on the outside edge of the tap allowing you to see voltage. The LED is green so you can see it from a distance. Our battery meter shows a range of DC 2.6V -30V and has reverse polarity protection built-in.

Our unique skull-shaped design allows the MUTINY™ V-Tap to be tethered making it easy to find in your kit.