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MUTINY™ / Lentequip SafeTap™ V4 Protection Cables

MUTINY™ / Lentequip SafeTap™ V4

Rental houses all over the world rely on Lentequip SafeTap™ connectors to protect their equipment and you should too. 

We build these SafeTap™ V4 monitor and accessory cables with genuine patent-protected Lentquip SafeTap™ V4 connectors with LED indicator, which ensures that the ground connection ALWAYS comes first which has been proven to minimize 12G SDI driver electronics damage on newer cameras when using external P/D-Tap power. It also has reverse polarity protection, under/over voltage, deep discharge, and short circuit protection all built-in.  

SafeTap adds one extra layer of protection for your 12G SDI port and to your accessories when using D/P-Tap connections to power your monitor or camera accessories.  This is true even if using authentic 12G Galvanic isolators from LEN or ARRI. 

Each MUTINY-built SafeTap™ V4 cable includes a LED color guide card that shows what each LED color status indicates.

**** NOTE:  Please measure out what you need before ordering as these are built to order  ****

We offer the following protected cables so far (we will be expanding this over the next few weeks to Komodo Power cables and more).

1) 14” SafeTap™ V4 to Portkeys 4 pin cable for BM5 series/HH7/HS7T monitors.

2) 14” SafeTap™ V4 to 2pin 0B Male (Lemo type) for SmallHD Cine7 series, 503, 703, Focus Pro, Teradek Bolt and DCA5 LEMO Battery Adapter for 500 and 700 Series. Also compatible with all 2pin 0B Lemo-type camera accessories with pin 1 negative and pin 2 positive. We offer this cable in custom lengths as well.

3) 13” SafeTap™ V4 to 2.1mm right angle barrel or straight power connector for SmallHD (Indie7, Touch series), Atomos (Shogun 7, Shinobi 7) monitors and others

4) 7” SafeTap™ V4 Adjustable angle 7” KOMODO Power for MōVI Pro, etc. Left or Right Side Exit. (note komodo power is on the right side so in custom field type LEFT if you want Left Exiting cable)

5) SafeTap™ V4 power cable with protection for Nucleus M 7 pin right angle connector (points to antenna)

6) SafeTap™ V4 Komodo Power cable custom (7"-24")

7) SafeTap™ V4 to 2pin 0B Female (Lemo Type) 4 Inches.  Pin 1 negative, Pin 2 positive) a

8) SafeTap™ V4 for Zacuto Kameleon EVF 14" 

9)SafeTap™ V4 to 6Pin 1B power for V-Raptor/Epic/Scarlet/Weapon/Helium/Gemini cameras


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