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MUTINY FreakPlate and FreakPlate XL

MUTINY FreakPlate and FreakPlate XL

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MUTINY "FreakPlate and FreakPlate XL" for FreakshowHD DA's

The MUTINY "FreakPlate" adds mounting holes for Freakshow HD MSX2-L & MSX2-O 1x2 DA's.  The "FreakPlate XL" works with MSX2 1:2 and MSX4 1:4 FreakshowHD.  These lightweight plates come with 4x Freakshow screws (replaces ones on the body of the unit) and 2x 1/4-20 screws.  The plate can be mounted on the front, back, facing up or down giving you a solid solution versus velcro or bongoties.   


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