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"COMBAT" Series 550 Paracord TRUE 12G™ 4K Shielded thin SDI Cables

"COMBAT" Series 550 Paracord TRUE 12G™

We have taken our insanely popular TRUE 12G™ 4K Shielded thin SDI Cables and sleeved them with genuine 550 parachute cord (paracord) in a few select colors and patterns we have dubbed our "COMBAT" Series.  

"COMBAT" series cables are made with high-quality Belden 4855R shielded 12G-SDI 75 Ohm 4K UHD mini coax video cable with genuine Amphenol 12G right angle connectors.  

Available in: Commando, Stryker, GHOST, Ranger, Delta, Predator, IGNITE

TRUE 12G™ cables are built in-house and tested on several pieces of equipment including our RED KOMODO cameras and are fully sweeped with a Waveform generator and oscilloscope. Protect your camera and get the highest fidelity signal.

**** NOTE:  Please measure out what you need before ordering as these are built to order  ****




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